Saturday, April 01, 2017

"you call this a gummint?"

...was the question Huckleberry's intoxicated father ("Pap") kept asking during his last few drunken days on earth. It's a better question now than it was then, because it's painfully easy to answer -- "No, I call it a mess." The best semi-objective view of this mess I've seen ran as a front-page op-ed by Elizabeth Williamson in today's NY Times.

It may sound paranoid, but I'm convinced that the cob at the top is deliberately causing this clusterfuck, to punish us "little people." We've been so ungrateful, such a bothersome crew, we may as well all be Berniecrats. The fact that some of us still identify as conservative Repugs mitigates nothing.  After all, who are the worst people in Congress?

You thought the job would be as easy and as much fun as campaigning: surprise surprise! Watching 6 hrs of TV a day and tweeting all night don't match the job description, and if we don't pull this turdlet out of that office and send him packing next week, the fault's in us.

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