Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Boys of War

"We made 500 bucks before she hung herself...I guess she was unhappy."

Here's a video that reveals warboy culture in all its sadism and depravity.

I have no doubt that there are many service people who are sickened and appalled by warboy culture. For instance, I remember the American soldier who shot himself in the foot rather than participate in the atrocity at Mai Lai.

But so what? Warboy sadism is still a fact of life, and an unalterable circumstance of war.

If war is hell, lying to fabricate a war on false premises is the work of the devil.

This video is the reality that counterbalances the patriotic wankfest that passes for debate in the American media and all over the internet.

It clearly shows the reason why any unnecessary war, a war of aggression, a war undertaken to "shock and awe" the rest of the world, to secure resources through acts of piracy, is a crime against humanity.

It should be treated as such.

I picked this video up from Stan Goff, the former career military man and U.S. Army Ranger. It should be given the widest possible circulation.

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