Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Goff's Bomb

Stan Goff is a sometime blogger and a very interesting guy, being as how he's a 26-year U.S. Army veteran (with time spent in the Rangers) who became a leftist revolutionary.

Now, I most of you reading this are, I'm sure, familiar with DailyKos. It's the leading partisan Democratic mega-blog, and pretty much a party line type of place (Bill O'Reilly called it "a hate site"). So Goff goes there the other day and posts a diary entry in which he says he's not going to vote Democratic next year because the Democrats, local and national, are taking a timid, wishy-washy stand on the war.

He will not vote for any of the three leading Democratic presidential candidates, Goff says, because "They have consistently refused to do the one thing that has become a litmus test for a lot of people who generally hold their noses and vote for Democrats. They have refused to call for an immediate, unilateral, and complete withdrawal from Iraq."

And he goes on to say "Enough of us will stay home that fine November day to ensure that a Republican will win the Presidency; and enough will stay home to ensure that a Republican majority is returned to Congress."

The main reason he's refusing to vote Democratic, of course, is because the war is a "moral obscenity," but he adds that "An equally critical reason for allowing the Democratic Party to wither and die in 2008 is that it stand (sic) directly in the way of the people's movements in this country, especially the antiwar movement."

Almost needless to say, the response he got from the Kossacks was universally hostile. Typical was the guy who posted a picture of a kitten waving "Bye" under the title, "Please change the litter before you leave."

The Kossacks may have got all hot and bothered, but the fact is, the Democrats are useless. They promised action on the war. They ran against the war. They haven't delivered.

Some "opposition party" they turned out to be.

They're in the way, and they've got to go.

Like Goff, I'm not the least bit scared of those damned Republicans. We've already seen how much damage they can do to themselves and others.

I don't know how the rest of you here feel, but I'm with Stan.

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