Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Good Day for Drums

Today's a good day to practice drumming on this funky old Yamaha electronic kit.

I can practice silently, with headphones, and not bother any of the other residents in this old folks' retirement trailer park where I live. I wouldn't want any of my neighbors to swallow their dentures.

I've been working on fundamentals, mostly. Double-stroke rolls with a syncopated reference point, accompanied by a quick, steady, double-footed bass. I just try to keep it going, maybe throw in a few wrinkles while trying to avoid going off the beat. It's the kind of practice I should have been doing for years.

Been playing along with Jose Feliciano and Ottmar Liebert, mostly, through little headphones that I wear under the big drum phones. Two sets of headphones -- that's the ticket.

After practicing drums I'll pick some more at that "Gentle on my Mind" song I posted about yesterday. This morning I transcribed all the words onto a single sheet in my best handwriting, for quicker startin'.

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