Sunday, August 17, 2008

Attack of the Bloodthirsty Donkeys

OK, so maybe our U.S. intelligence agencies told us last year that Iran DOESN'T HAVE a nuclear weapons program, that they scrapped it in 2003, and that it's still frozen to this day.

So it's fairly obvious that only a low-life lying scumbag would maintain in the face of known facts that Iran is a potentially dangerous nuclear power and a threat to the U.S. and Israel. And if you assume that I'm talking about a bunch of neocon Republicans, you're...(wait for it) wrong.

I'm talking about the Democrats, and their inclusion in the 2008 party platform of the item "Prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons."

Why is a party which is supposedly the opposition allowing the most violent and ideologically rabid neocons the Republicans have to offer to set the agenda for all of us? Probably because they're figure if they're too truthful, voters will regard them as wimps, and unmanly.

When both the major political parties in the country that's the world's biggest nuclear power try to depict a country that doesn't even have a nuclear weapons program as a dangerous and potentially genocidal loose cannon, we've departed from the realm of political debate, because we're dealing with delusional sorts of ideas that aren't wrong, but psychotic. These are the kind of people who see little green men under the bed.

I'm sick of these two-faced, lying hypocrites who call themselves Democrats, and I think somebody should write a book about their bloody and duplicitous history. Maybe it could be called "Savage Mules."

Surprise! Somebody has written that book.

Are you as sick of I am of listening to warmongers like Evan Bayh whine that they were "duped" into supporting the Iraq invasion? Then visit the author's website.

To hell with these Republicans AND Democrats. It's been obvious to me for some time that anybody in this country who has the least interest in being honest is going to have to make his or her own damn future.

Thanks to Jonathan Schwarz at A Tiny Revolution who provided all the factual information for this post.

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Joe said...

I think Bye Bayh. No wonder many folks believe in anarchism. I think it would be feasible if people were enlightened and conscientious.