Sunday, August 17, 2008

You Got to Be a Macho Man!

Now that Russia's violent smackdown of Georgia and its brash President Saakishvili is winding down, it's becoming obvious how it all happened, who did what to whom, and who got paid.

As perennial politics watcher Robert Scheer revealed in an article at Global Research a few days ago, Saakashvili was the aggressor in the conflict, egged on by the Republican presidential nominee McCain, who was in his turn egged on by his foreign policy and national security advisor Randy Scheunemann, a long-time neocon-about-Washington who has been on Saakashvili's payroll for several years as a lobbyist for the Georgian government.

This Scheunemann has a history of mischief. He was one of the directors of The Project for a New American Century at the time that nest of hooligans was plotting the invasion of Iraq and overthrow of Saddam Hussein. And there's speculation that Saakashvili paid him $200,000 specifically for enlisting McCain's support for the Georgian aggression in the breakaway provinces.

McCain's motivation in urging the Georgians to violence, then growling and menacing when Putin responded at a level that could only be called excessive, was to engineer a situtation in which he could assume a tough guy pose, knowing voters would compare his macho and threatening postures to Obama's weak, wimpy, delicate, and anemic responses.

McCain is very much aware that Americans vote for REAL men -- regular guys who wipe their asses with sandpaper and start the day by drinking a lite beer and killing a small animal -- and turn away from girly men who talk about things like "hope" and timidly shrink from violence. We Americans want a guy in the White House who's not afraid to kick some ass, drink some beer, watch a little football, and beat up a queer.

Even the Iranians showed a preference for dealing with the manly and macho Reagan, who offered to give them sophisticated armaments in return for their ordering Hezbollah to release the hostages they were holding in Lebanon. They certainly favored him over the effeminate and nervous Carter, who for all we know wore pink silk panties with ribbons and bows on them underneath his gray suits.

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Anonymous said...

The official story, of course, in the MSM is big bad Russia invaded little Democratic Georgia. It used more force than was probably necessary, true... but the facts of which side was responsible for this conflict are not consistent with what we're hearing from our propaganda machines.