Saturday, August 16, 2008

When Will We Learn?

This whole "stand up and support the noble Saakashvili and plucky little Georgia against the despotic Putin and evil Russia" is the biggest crock of steaming B.S. I've ever seen.

Saakashvili was egged on in his foolish attempt to secure breakaway territories using force by McCain and a former lobbyist for the Georgia government who happens to be working in the McCain campaign, his top foreign affairs and national security advisor Randy Scheunemann, as revealed by Robert Scheer at

This Scheunemann is not well known, but he should be. Formerly director of The Project for a New American Century, he was part of the neoconservative plot on behalf of the military-industrial complex to take this country to war in Iraq.

Apparently Iraq has not been violent enough to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the war machine, which constantly needs new enemies so we can build new weapons systems. Vladimir Putin is made to order.

Don't expect Obama and the Democrats to mount any defense against this further hijacking of our country's resources. They'll lie down on our expensive new cold war with its occasional hot spots just like they lay down for Iraq.

The war machine is the biggest con job in history. This is YOUR Social Security and the quality and/or availability of YOUR medical care we're talking about here.

Here's a news flash: the captains of late-stage, unrestrained and predatory capitalism don't hesitate to use war and violence as for-profit enterprises. They're the most violent people who ever lived with the possible exception of the Nazis.

And war is good for business; invest your son.

We're not done with these neocons yet. If they can't get elected, they'll worm their way into positions of influence like this guy did, and they'll steal the nickels off our eyes when we're dead if we don't do something about them.

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Joe said...

I was wondering what the fib about McCain's statement that we are all Georgians was about.

I think about my friend from Russia who has been blocked off from me by the fear of persecution that the New Cold war has begun. The re-chilling hit the deep freezer in early 2003.