Saturday, September 13, 2008

Memory Hole, Part MDCCLXXVI

Okay, I see what's happening. Because Ms. Mooseburger tripped over her AK-47 on a fishing expedition-type question from Charlie Gibson re: The Bush Doctrine, the troglodytes on the radio and Fox and in other media are channeling the party line initiated by Teh Vampire, a.k.a. Charles Krauthammer, and trying to put the Bush Doctrine down George Orwell's memory hole.

The Bush Doctrine, promulgated in 2002, has become an inconvenience to The Party, so it doesn't exist. It never did exist! Thank you, George Orwell.

What blatant and shameless liars the trogs are!

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Disinformation hasn't done enough scrubbing. Winston Smith is lying down on the job.

And guess what? When I did a Yahoo! search for "Bush Doctrine," I was directed to (fanfare, please) the website, and the National Security Statement of 2002. The Bush Doctrine is embedded in it, and clearly articulated in the Introduction. The doctrine consists of several headings, none of which is emphasized as more important than another.

In layman's terms, the Bush Doctrine is "We can bomb whoever the hell we want and we don't need no stinking badges and you'd better not say nothing about it if you know what's good for you."

The Bush Doctrine is the Bullies' Creed.

But because Ms. Mooseburger, being as vacuous as a beach ball, didn't know this, it now has to be scrubbed from the media's collective memory in order to protect The Party's new media star, who's like an appealing combination of Britney Spears and Torquemada.

However, some of us remember these things, even though these days remembering information that is no longer "operative" is thoughtcrime. But we're not being imprisoned for this kind of thoughtcrime...yet.

"He who controls the past controls the future," said George Orwell. Well, they don't quite have complete control over it yet, but this I know: in spite of wars and occasional recessions, this used to be a pretty good country to live in until Bush and Cheney came along and decided to be pricks about everything.

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