Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tax the Rich

They've got too much money anyway, and paying a bit of tax won't make any difference in their lifestyle, or lack of it.

McCain wants to cut taxes for everyone, at a time when the country is desperate for revenue, and its government needs to become adult enough to start thinking seriously about ways to reduce our debt load.

Otherwise the whole damn country is going to get foreclosed.

Obama wants to raise taxes for people making over half a million a year, and reduce them for those making under a quarter million. Under Obama's plan, one percent of taxpayers pay more; 95 percent of us pay less.

The exact figures, from WaPo via Bitch Ph.D. here;
Scroll down and click on the cool graphic to make it bigger.

If Obama should be elected (something I'm beginning to doubt) look for our national revenue situation to improve a bit.

Tax the rich! Then eat them!

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Sator Arepo said...

Tax. The. Rich.

That is all,