Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Red Tree

"A fool sees not the same tree a wise man sees."
--William Blake

"Better to travel on alone than with a fool for a companion."
--Gotama, the Buddha

A found object of some pathological interest, posted on an internet political discussion board, reads as follows:

I think if enough people get the message that Barack is a Stalinist who wants to collectivize our farms, and that Democrats are seriously listening to people who want to do same with 401ks and also want to redistribute wealth from people who have some to people who haven't worked for it. Then yeah, McCain has a chance.

Wait, I didn't mean Barack was a Stalinist. Stalin at least had the decency to wait about 10 years before he started messing with people who put food on the table.

Just look up what Barack has said in his farm policy. I can't believe this moron actually gets away with it.

This is apparently a transmissions from a parallel universe, where not only is Obama a Stalinist, but Richard B. Cheney is a civil liberties lawyer, George W. Bush is consumed by his passion for the classics and his study of Latin and Greek, and Richard Nixon not only lives, but is an honest man.

I suspect it's the parallel universe of Michael Savage, a place where the denizens draw conclusions on the basis of no evidence. That's because, as Homer Simpson famously observed, "Facts are stupid things."

As rhetorical blunt instruments, facts can't hold a candle to rage and fear, that's for sure.

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