Thursday, October 30, 2008

Leftist Libertarian Troublemaker and Malcontent

Here's an interesting series of questions relating to policial/economic/social issues. After you answer them, your responses will be analyzed and calibrated, and the result will theoretically enable you to locate your exact position on the political spectrum.

Actually, your political "spot" is not in a spectrum or on a graph line the way the authors of this analysis visualize it, but somewhere within a quadrant, which would have, say, Heinrich Himmler in the upper right-hand corner and someone like Socrates opposite him, in the lower left extremity.

I'll take Socrates as my role model (as opposed to Himmler, Ted Stevens, Attila the Hun, Pope Pius XII, etc.), even though he was made to drink poison by the Athenian city fathers because he held views which they deemed dangerous and socially disruptive.

I answered all the questions and ended up here.

Thanks to Sator Arepo at the Reciprocal Crap Exchange, who re-acquainted me with this device, which I first discovered a year or so ago, then forgot about.


Joe said...

I can't take the test on this computer, but I believe that my ideals are like Socrates' as well.

Sator Arepo said...

Thanks for the shout-out, C-Box.

Re: the post above:

1)Good luck with everything;

2) What the hell's a "coat"?

(Texas winters are not "winter".)