Thursday, November 06, 2008

Black Panthers With Sticks Intimidate White Voters

A correspondent at a political discussion website which shall remain nameless here asks, "What will Obama make go away?"

Well, I hope like hell that he's not going to make those wild, wacky, and wonderful wingnuts at Free Republic go away. Losing the entertainment they provide would be tragic.

The latest Freeper communications detail among other things how voters in Philadelphia were intimidated by stick-wielding Black Panthers (but doesn't say whether those Panthers had gigantic 'fros), how if you're a Real American you need to "keep your gun close," and how one Freeper will during the next four years "compose fictional literature describing his (Obama's) demise" (This particular Freeper has very good command of English fundamentals).

There is also a meandering screed that goes from the banking crisis to a one-world economy to one-world government to the advent of a Marxist/Muslim president to the plans our Lord Jesus Christ has for this country to the coming of the Anti-Christ, and does so without using any transitions. I'm in awe of people who can do that.

Fortunately, Obama cannot make Free Republic and other places like it "go away." They're protected by the First Amendment. So treat yourself, and peruse these blogs produced by the less fortunate, because they're fun to read.

There's the signpost up ahead; you're entering The Free Republic Zone. Dee dee dee dee, dee dee dee dee, bah da da baaaaah.

Grace N., mercifully and at last returned from her pre-balloting hiatus, links to all of the above at her Scriptoids blog.

I understand that reaction to the election runup. I didn't shut down the blog, but I mostly wrote about non-political things, like Halloween pumpkins.

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