Thursday, December 30, 2010

clear and cold

I usually try to stay away from weather blogging because when I do it I feel like a slacker. However, conditions today are so spectacular I can't resist.

I'm sitting in Starbucks in Ballard right now, having walked the mile down here through the clearest and coldest morning we've had so far this year. This is January weather in these parts -- the new year arriving a few days early.

Sitting outside a few minutes ago in coat, hat, and gloves, I was comfortable and quite able to enjoy the bright sunshine in spite of the air temperature of 33 F, one degree above freezing.


Shopdog 50 said...

I couldn't agree more---it's pretty amazing outside in Seattle today!

Shopdog 50 said...

The victory here, is that I've set at least 40 new passwords with the google schmucks and it finally works! And you said it was easy.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

Hmm...I always just use my email in dat username space. In fact, I think I made a mental note to myself to tell you that.

But you already got it solved.