Friday, December 31, 2010

the good life

Big Brother tells us there's no significant price inflation happening right now, but their figures measure "core inflation," which doesn't include food and fuel -- the two things besides housing that everybody needs!

Over the past couple of months the price of crude oil has crept up to a "new normal" of $90 a barrel, replacing November's new normal of $80 silently, with very little media attention. The normal price of gasoline will soon be $3.50 a gallon. Get used to it.

There's been significant inflation in food prices lately as well, but since these things are not included in "core" inflation, they don't count.

There is no emergency! Nothing to see here. Please return to whatever it was you were doing.

Our old way of life is going, going, gone, and none too soon. The problem is, there is no new way of life to replace it, so everybody just keeps soldiering on, trying to act as if nothing has happened.

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