Tuesday, January 04, 2011

just one more

As the late holiday season recedes into the distance behind us and the blaze of bright sunshine which accompanied the new year gives way to the usual drizzle and gray skies, I can't let 2010 slip away without looking back with one more retrospective of that recently departed, angst-filled year, brought to us by the satirist-animators at Jib-Jib.

Jib-Jab first came on the scene in 2004 with their brilliant ridicule of the Bush vs. Kerry campaign, in which they gleefully poked fun at the appearance and pronouncements of both candidates with truly bipartisan enthusiasm. That three-minute cartoon generated enough buzz to be shown in its entirety on a segment of NBC Nightly News.

Now Jib-Jab has done it again, with a review of the trials and tribulations of President Obama and his loose-lipped VP, Joe Biden, over the past twelve months. It's devastatingly on-target without being the least bit malicious, and I love the puppet depiction of Rahm Emanuel, who makes what might be called a cameo appearance. Biden's tap dancing at the end is also a thing of beauty.

It's on YouTube; go watch.

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