Saturday, October 29, 2011

pluto's rule

Like anything else, if there's only a limited amount of good journalism available, we have to import some. Al Jazeera ran a very good program on the Kochs last night on their series "People and Power."

In the 2010 congressional elections, the Kochs and their partners spent at least $40m, helping to swing the balance of power in the US House of Representatives towards right-wing Tea Party Republicans. It has been reported that the Kochs are planning to raise and spend more than $200m to defeat Obama in 2012. But the brothers could easily kick in more without anyone knowing due to loopholes in US law.

The Kochs founded and provide millions to Americans for Prosperity, a political organisation that builds grassroots support for conservative causes and candidates. Americans for Prosperity, which has 33 state chapters and claims to have about two million members, has close ties to Tea Party groups and played a key role in opposing Obama's health care initiative.

It was Americans for Plutocracy Prosperity that got that little weasel Scott Walker installed in the Wisconsin governor's office, and it's no exaggerration to say that these overcompensated, nefarious clowns. through their control of state houses, have usurped the rule of large parts of the country. They're said by al Jazeera to be on the verge of unseating Obama and getting one of their fascist tools installed in the White House. Pwesident Wick Pewwy?

They will soon experience a head-on collision with a rapidly-percolating revolution.

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Joe said...

Americans for the plutocrats' prosperity in their plutonomy.