Sunday, October 30, 2011

old scenes revisited

Today as I was going home I was briefly held captive at the Hood Canal Bridge, because the drawbridge had opened to let a nuclear submarine go through. I'm sure I'll sleep better tonight having been reminded that we have a nuclear submarine fleet based out of Bangor, to ward off the Soviet threat and keep those dirty commies over there from trying anything funny with Uncle Sam.

Like I said, the captivity was short, but not short enough, because the ferry was pulling away from the dock just as I and a bunch of other people arrived at the tollbooths. But what the hell, I'm retired now, and have nothing but time so it don't make no nevermind.

The reason I was over there on the other side of the Great Water of the Salish Sea, attempting to negotiate boat schedules and the Hood Anal Bridge was because I spent another weekend over there in the enchanted forest. It's lovely in the enchanted forest, and it's also getting to be a habit. And that's OK.

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