Monday, October 31, 2011

annals of moranitude

So we got Cain the Brain making wild and demonstrably false claims about Planned Parenthood's gencidal plots, Wick Pewwy trying to pump up the Iraq War so it can be held over for another year or so, Michele Bachmann muttering incoherently -- something about the Holy Ghost and the fire -- and the Obama administration trying to float embarrassingly phony stories about Iranian plots to use a debt-addled used-car salesman to assassinate ambassadors and partner with al Qaida.

The clowns of our political circus have been refusing to deal with the country's real problems for years now, but only recently has their show degenerated into neanderthalish grunts and crude gestures calculated to appeal to whom? Who is the intended audience for this kind of pathetic idiocy? Morons and mouth breathers?

The American political system is now deader than a smoked oyster. Big changes are coming, but they're going to come from the bottom and percolate upward -- from the grassroots.

The most important thing now is for each of us to take our lives back, to live the way we see fit, free from megabanks and poisonous agribusiness pesticides and lobotomizing televised moranitude, all of which can easily be replaced by habits and activities which promote life and confer dignity -- organic gardening and reading for pleasure, for example.

And of course, a large part of composting the rotted-out remnant of our political system will only occur when we confront their domestic police army of aggression, out in the streets.

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