Tuesday, November 01, 2011

can't trust that day

Since I started debating politics about nine years ago, there's been exactly one (1) major issue that everybody agrees on, and that is bank bailouts. From Michael Moore to Glenn Beck, nobody likes em.

Monday there was a lot of movement in the financial world. The Greek PM said he's going to submit the deal the Germans offered his country, to a referendum, which means "No deal." At the same time, there was a big Wall Street bankruptcy by Jon Corzine's MF Global, a derivatives trader, and one of their executives said that client's money was thrown away along with the company's money -- a criminal violation.


(Corzine is a former Democratic governor of New Jersey whose mis-rule was synonymous with corruption and machine politics.)

So the questions of the day are: will there be more bailouts when the shock waves from the Greek default start shaking the largest US banks? And will Corzine get bailed out? AND get away with it?

#OWS has one demand: that's why it's called "Occupy Wall Street."

See where this is going?

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