Friday, December 09, 2011

soggy food service

The US Army has developed a wrapped sandwich that stays fresh, or at least edible for up to three years.

The delicacy owes its longevity to its moisture-free ingredients and its packaging, an airtight wrap containing an "oxygen scavenger," a pouch full of iron filings which is said to draw all oxygen away from the food and prevent bacteria from forming.

I'm not sure who the intended consumer would be for what is essentially a hot pocket enclosing a foodlike filling made of sugar, salt, and honey, other than a soldier stuck in a combat zone who is either terrified of food poisoning or can't possibly find anything else to eat. And what with the American empire winding down its bloody and pointless existence, I'll predict that very few of these three-year sandwiches will ever be eaten.

Too bad they couldn't just be distributed to people who are starving.

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