Thursday, December 08, 2011

this place where i'm at

The eastern margin of the Enchanted Forest nestles right up against the west shore of the Salish Sea, which is a sort of miniature, enclosed ocean, sprinkled liberally with magical islands.

The whole package is kind of unworldly beautiful, but I traipse back and forth between here and the city seldom noticing the profound spell of the entire region. The effect is less noticeable in the city than anywhere else, but even there, under certain circumstances and at certain times of the day...

'Cause it's witchcraft! Nothing but witchcraft,
And although I know it's strictly taboo,
When you arouse the need in me,
My heart says "yes indeed" in me,
Proceed with what you're leading me to!

It's such an ancient pitch, but one I wouldn't switch
'Cause there's no cuter witch than you!

--"Witchcraft," written by Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh,
Sung by Frank Sinatra.

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