Saturday, January 07, 2012


So will the Obamanator lose his bid for a second term?

Is the question important?

The thing is, we're going to end up once again with two candidates who are totally acceptable to the .1%, rich and powerful movers and shakers who are actually calling the shots in this country -- a circumstance totally unacceptable to me and people like myself.

And with the Republican coronation of the Romneybot now assured after his landslide victory in Iowa, the stage is set for the silly season during which this pair of ruling class tools carpet bomb each other in the media for the next ten months. It's a good time not to own a TV.

I wonder how much longer the vast majority of Americans will remain dim enough to be taken in by this dumb charade whose only purpose any more is to fool them into thinking they're participating in a democracy. I'm hoping that this is year a significant number of us will wake up and reject both the Demolicans and Republicrats, and demand real democracy, free of corruption.

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