Monday, January 09, 2012

the sacred tablets

Sharia and Christianity are opposites, says my faithful correspondent from another universe.

Sharia is uniquely Muslim, 'tis true, my fine feathered fiend. However, whenever any society is governed according to rules laid down by the dominant religion, that's the same thing all over the world -- theocracy.

It worked about the same way in Puritan Massachusetts as it does in present-day Saudi Arabia. In 1660's Mass, if a guy got caught having an affair with a sheep, both he and his wooly friend were executed.

Even though we have our own kind of faith, The US today is not a theocracy, and the same guy nowadays would be sent away for observation, Xanax™, Valium™, and possibly a libido depressor. The sheep would receive post-sexual-abuse trauma counseling and maybe a little Trazadone™.

See how that works? The Puritans had their religion, and the Muslims have theirs, and we have ours. As Karl Marx always says when you turn him upside down or read him in the mirror, "Opium is the religion of the people."

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