Tuesday, January 10, 2012

smart shopperz

Started writing down what I spend at the store every day, and it's worse than suspected.

Shelling out 11.62 on average every time I go for groceries means almost 300 a month, assuming 25 trips this month, which is also outrageous.

Figure to cut both of those back by at least a quarter without even trying, just by paying attention. You gotta pay attention to what you need, write a list, and scan the papers and throwaways for deals. Just basic stuff, I know, but I never really thought about it that hard.

So today it was Anjou pears at Top Market in Shoreline, three pounds for $2.74. These are organic, locally grown fruit, as are the yellow onions I got for a buck .27. Also picked up some avocado and tomato on sale. Screwed up on the 2-lb, cheese though, and paid too much knowing that deals on the same thing are out there all the time. Note: if you're paying more than $2.50 a pound for Tillamook cheddar (a very good price), you're getting ripped.

On balance, I think Miss Moneypenny would be proud of me.