Friday, February 03, 2012

donkey dance

Obama and the Democrats, just as corrupt although less exotically delusional than the other party, are dancing that old two-step coverup of the MF Global scandal. The most scandalous thing about it is not that Jon Corzine, the former Democratic governor of New Jersey and his associates stole a billion dollars or so from their customers, but that Obama's Justice Dept. is going to let them get away with it.

The first step in this elaborate dance, as Atrios points out, is to throw a blanket of complicated double-talk over a very stark and simple situation -- blatant theft. The second step is to publicly conclude that justice can't be done because the situation is so complex.

The reason Corzine is not going to be indicted or tried for stealing all that money? He's a bagman for Obama.

Once enough people accurately perceive that Democrats and Republicans are outdoing each other to skin us alive, the day of the "legacy parties" will be over. There's no going back.

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