Friday, February 03, 2012

how it spoze 2 b

Newt Gingrich believes everybody should eat steak and mashed potatoes, as God intended. They should live in detached houses which they own (actually, are paying for) and drive to work in cars.

At the National Association of Home Builders, “Rally for Homeownership” in South Carolina, Gingrich said, “Those who, you know, live in high-rise apartment buildings writing for fancy newspapers in the middle of town after they ride the metro, who don’t understand that for most Americans the ability to buy a home, to have their own property, to have a sense of belonging is one of the greatest achievements of their life, and it makes them feel like they are good solid citizens.”

Ah, yes, those coastal elites, who just don't understand, in their coffee-drinking, arugula-eating snobbery, the agonies and ecstasies of the real Americans who live out in the burbs. How could they, insulated from Real Life as they are in their little high-rise apartments, and riding tax-subsidized subways to their jobs as overeducated propagandists for Euro-style newspapers?

I'll bet most of them never even go to the mall or watch "American Idle." They are not solid citizens. Porous is what they are.

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