Tuesday, March 06, 2012

chunky diction

What's with this "Ramming it down our throats" figure of speech I keep hearing from the anti-sex crowd, climate-change denialists, tax-cut hysterics, creationists, and disbelievers in the female orgasm? For example, Obamacare was never going to be imposed or inflicted on us, it was always going to be "rammed down our throats." The phrase dramatically combines violence and pornography and is used widely by those who love drama.

Now at the moment I'm feeling slummy, because I was just at Pajamas Media (at the urging of Roy Edroso) reading something called Dr. Helen Smith on the topic of how Sandra Fluke is bullying poor Rusty, and there it was again!

Limbaugh should have gone on the attack. He should have said “no apology” and exposed her for the partisan hack that she is. Do I care if Fluke fucks 50 guys? No, but I do care if she uses her position to gang up with other mean girls (and guys) to ram a political mandate down the throats of companies who do not believe in what she is peddling.

¡Ay carramba! Those companies aren't just going to have to pay for rubbers for Sandra, they're going to get it rammed down their throats. At Edroso's site, commenter Mrs. Tilton says, "I blame the Citizens United decision. If companies weren't people, they wouldn't have throats for liberals to ram things down."

Reminds me of the immortal words of our old friend Mick Jagger in his song "The Midnight Rambler: "I'm gonna stick my knife right down your throat, baby, and it hurts!"

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