Monday, March 05, 2012

the diet of worms

What is so humble as a worm? And yet, one of the year's most glorious full moons is named for this unassuming tiller of the dirt who does so much for us.

The full worm moon of March, which falls the night of 3/8 this year, describes what is happening in the earth below, as our red compost worms, a frozen mass a month ago, now wiggle and dance to the awakening rhythms of the world and the sun.

These little worms are tireless, chugging along like tiny engines turning fruit peelings, crushed egg shells, and coffee grounds into rich black dirt. They are an enormously benevolent creature, and an essential element in the web of life we seldom consider.

As the red compost worms start wiggling, so wherever spring is teasingly about to begin do the rest of the vast universal tribes and armies of worms begin their annual work of restoring the weary land.

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Joe said...

Hi Dave, I seem to recall that earthworms are an introduced animal in the USA, and that up in the northeast somewhere, they cause some type of trouble. Who knew?