Monday, March 05, 2012

funky chicken

The Obama administration has annouced that the G-8 summit scheduled for May will be held at Camp David rather than in Chicago as previously announced. The almost-overlapping NATO summit will still be in Chicago.

It's an interesting story in the Chicago Tribune. The first half of it is just boilerplate handout crap from the administration, from Mayor Rahm's office, and so forth -- all the boring and meaningless "official" pronouncements.

The second half is all about potential demonstrations, or the numbers of trained police available, what kind of riot control training they've had, how many turtle suits they've got, who the groups planning to demonstrate are, etc.

So the Trib doesn't directly give the reason why this change is occurring, which is because the authorities are afraid of the demonstrators. That's not the kind of thing a newspaper wants to say out loud ("so to speak"), but the story does manage to communicate the reason, although the reader has to kind of put two and two together.

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