Wednesday, March 07, 2012

his & hers

This was a layout done for two people simultaneously this past Sunday, March fourth.

The top row, from left to right shows trump twenty, the judgment. In the center is the nine of hearts, with the eight of diamonds on the right.

The playing-card diviner Robert Camp* says of nine hearts that it can be a sign of "emotional disappointment and personal losses on the affectional level. However, this is the card of completions in love and of 'Universal Love.' Yes, the nine of hearts can signal the ending of one or more key relationships. If so, it is most likely that these relationships are no longer doing you any good. It is time for them to end..."

The cards in the lower row are the four of diamonds, trump number five, the pope, and the king of diamonds. The suit of diamonds is largely concerned with material values and money.

At the right of the picture, its spine barely inside the frame, is a historical monograph, "The Bad Popes" by E.R. Chamberlin.

Photo, cards, and images on cards ©2012 by Dave B. Click on the photo to see a larger image.

*Robert Camp, "Destiny Cards" (Naperville, Illinois: Sourcebooks, Inc., 1990), 184.

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