Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Here's a perfect example of the way information is controlled in this country by the Demolican-Republicrat-bankster-corporo-military-medical-industrial one-party system, author of the "official version."

Chances are you never heard of Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, the 17-year army veteran who has become the major whistle-blower of the Afghan War, exposing the happy chatter of our commanders there for the crock of public-relations b.s. it is.

The career soldier is now a black sheep at the (Pentagon) where he still works. The reason was his extraordinarily brave decision to accuse America's military top brass of lying about the war in Afghanistan. When he went public in the New York Times, he was acclaimed as a hero for speaking out about a war that many Americans feel has gone horribly awry. Later this month he will receive a Ridenhour prize, an award given to whistleblowers that is named after the Vietnam war soldier who exposed the My Lai massacre.

Problem is I missed the NY Times piece by Davis, and I'm reading about this in the Guardian -- a British newspaper -- and a Yahoo search showed the story being carried only by one other mainstream US media source other than PBS, in San Antonio. Other than that, as far as I know it was only carried by left-wing sources like Common Dreams.

But this is a story that should be banner headlines all across the country, as the same story was during the Vietnam War, when we learned that America "can't handle the truth."

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