Wednesday, May 23, 2012

changing of the guard -- UPDATED

Police in Frankfurt sent to arrest "blockupy" demonstrators instead took off their helmets and badges and joined the demonstration. They then defended the demonstrators against military units sent in to disperse them.

I guess they don't like "austerity" very much. Frau Merkel will not be pleased, but seriously, I don't think anyone cares about that any more.

UPDATE: OK, I got snookered. The German cops did not join the protesters.

I generally consult two sources for a story, for my own comfort and safety. The two for this story were first Ted, my friend at BNet, and secondly it was all over the Twitter. Twitter is not a totally reliable source of hard information, but the picture Ted supplied sealed the deal for me. However, what's happening in that picture is not what we had hoped it was.

The true story from the Associated Press:

"German police officers escort an anti-capitalism protest march with some 20,000 people in Frankfurt, Germany, Saturday, May 19, 2012. Protesters peacefully filled the city center of continental Europe's biggest financial hub in their protest against the dominance of banks and what they perceive to be untamed capitalism, Frankfurt police spokesman Ruediger Regis said. The protest group calling itself Blockupy has called for blocking the access to the European Central Bank, which is located in Frankfurt's business district." (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

Mea Culpa, and next time I won't regard what I read on the Twitter as a reliable source for anything except tentative and as-yet-unproven facts.


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