Thursday, May 24, 2012

hot time in the old town ain't over yet

Reported by the Chicago Trib:

Thousands of Chicago Public Schools teachers rallied at the Auditorium Theater tonight to loudly voice their displeasure with their salaries and the longer school day that’s being extended district wide next fall.

One of the key targest (sic) for the teachers was Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has pushed the longer school day among other education reforms. His name elicited loud “boos” whenever it was mentioned.

"He's lost touch with reality," said John Thuet, who teaches History at Harper High School. "I feel like we're getting walked on. They’re extending our hours, not giving us raises. And if we don’t stop it now, I don’t know when it will stop."

If Rahm thinks people are going to work longer hours for the same money, then in the immortal words of Cab Calloway, "Look at this dog, he looks like he's losin his mind."

Really, the guy's gone off his trolley, with power gone to his head. It happens to a lot of em, and this one's the mayor of Chicago who thinks he's the king of Town.

He can't dictate such stuff -- that's ridiculous. If he wants to negotiate, let him sit down and stop ordering people around.

Everyone has dealt with this situation. It's always the same, whether it's the new mayor, the assistant director of the library, the assistant night manager, or whatever. Give a little person a big job and watch the ego swell up like a sprained ankle.

Photo by Terrence Antonio James, Chicago Tribune.

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