Friday, May 25, 2012

the profit

The blogger Magorn, writing at DKos, informs us that Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has appointed a "deer czar," but I learned from the new "czar" himself that his actual title is "White Tailed Deer Trustee."

"To win this thing," Magorn says of the Wisconsin recall election campaign now in progress, "we need a wedge issue that peels off some of his support, particularly in his Northern WI base areas. Fortunately Scott Walker has just handed us just such a wedge on a sliver platter in his appointment of Dr. James Kroll as the State's "deer Czar". You see Dr. Kroll considers allowing hunters to hunt for free on state-managed game lands, 'the last bastion of communism' and want (sic) to do away with it altogether."

Dr. Kroll answers this charge on the Ultimate Outdoors Radio site with a posting which begins, "I always have made it my policy not to become involved in political issues," which ignores the fact that he's a political appointee in a new, controversial position which is bound to become a lightning rod.

The doctor goes on to say in the second long, tedious paragraph of a very long and nearly opaque essay that "Although there is no way to combat anonymous postings on Internet blogs about me, I can speak in a straightforward manner about my positions and will continue to do so."

"OK," says I, "you can start any time." But Dr. Kroll is just beginning to warm to his task, and two paragraphs later says, "I think this is the time to firmly and completely express what my values and philosophies are."

But by that time I had figured out that anyone waiting for him to do what he said he wanted to do was waiting for Godot. After another eight or ten volleys of word salad, he closes with "I cannot undo this slander, but I can be clear. If you read my words above carefully, you should understand where I stand," then finishes by saying he "stands" with the sportsmen and women of Wisconsin, the rural lifestyle, Native American rights, hunting and fishing recreation, and the white-tailed deer. After thousands of words of evasion and obfuscation, it becomes obvious Dr. Kroll is hoping whoever reads this crap won't notice that he hasn't said a single word about what specific policies he favors.

To find that out, you'd have to do a little more research, and learn about Dr. Kroll's relationship with Harrisburg Plantation, which is one of those for-profit operations where rich assholes pay big bucks up front to go shoot an animal.

So until he denies it directly or I see evidence to the contrary, I'll maintain that the policies of the new Deer Czar of Wisconsin are to prohibit hunting in the places it has traditionally been done -- public lands and private farms which aren't posted -- and to "privatize" deer hunting in Wisconsin, thereby turning a tidy profit for the state and the Walker regime.

By their fruits you shall know these MF's, even when they blow tremendous smokescreens.

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