Monday, June 18, 2012

the goebbels technique

At a discussion forum I frequent, a familiar correspondent, one that I would recognize just on the basis of style, even if he didn't give his name, writes:

And ... what I find just ironic as all get out ... is how they talk about the "rich", when the overwhelming majority of filthy rich support Democrats and higher taxes. It all goes back to that theory that I posted up some time ago from the net ... Rich People support any measure that increases their advantage. By making it impossible for any new commer to become rich, via Democrat Policy, they are in reality protecting their privileged status.

What makes this croque de pou more odorous than usual is the fact that we've been around this block before, several times, and I'm growing arm-weary from having to knock it down. So this time I decided to do some real research (not done yet) and save it in the word processor, so that the next time this or some other Rehooligan dweeb comes up with the startling theory that most billionaires and millionaires are Democrats, front loading the system to get higher taxes for themselves and everybody else, I'll just be able to copy and paste.

So far, I've looked at the 50 richest people in America, all with $6 billion or more personal worth (aource: Forbes Magazine 400), and they break down like this:

Split donations............4
Neutral or apolitical.....11
Info unavailable...........1
To determine who was who, I used the campaign donation record feature at

But as with anything this complex, there are subtle nuances that contribution records and statistical databases can't tell you. For example...

The two richest men in the US, Bill Gates, Jr. and Warren Buffett, are committed Democrats, although neither has given a significant amount to the party or their candidates this year. By "significant" I mean over $5,000, although Buffett gave exactly that amount, and Bill Gates's wife Melinda kicked in $35,000 to the re-elect Obama effort.

Soros, the 7th-richest person, has given over $100,000 to Democrats this year.

Larry Ellison, owner of Oracle and the third-richest person, appears to have no interest in politics and gives nothing to parties or candidates.

Tied for fourth position are the Brothers Koch, who are already well known for the millions they have sunk into Republican and libertarian causes, think tanks, and candidates, in amounts which dwarf political spending by all the Democrats on this list combined, and extend way beyond electoral politics. Their penetration of our politics is on a different plane from that of anyone else in their class except for one person -- casino mogul Sheldon Adelson -- who checks in at number eight, and whose political tentacles extend beyond the U.S. and into the Middle East.

The top ten is rounded out by the Wally-World/Walton clan, at positions 6, 9, 10, and 11. Two are significant (over $50,000) givers to Republicans, and two are real cheapskates.

I'm not going to run through the whole list, but it's worth underscoring the fact that quite a few of these moneybags don't seem to care who wins, but appearances can be deceiving. For my own convenience I flagged significant givers (over $20,000), very significant contributors (over $50,000) and committed activists (over $100,000), and that worked out like this -- so far. (Remember, I'm not done.)

Significant Democratic contributors -- 1
" Republican 2
Very significant Democratic givers 2
" " Republican 4
Heavily Committed Democrats 2
" " Republicans 4

In short, nice talking point; too bad it isn't true.

However, all the statistical information and number-crunching can't begin to convey the degree to which our political system has been deformed and sabotaged by a very few men at the very top of the food chain. Their names are Koch and Adelson. Also, too, lest we forget, Rupert Murdoch, a billionaire (#37) who this year has made no dollar donations, contributes heavily to the Republican cause through the magic of televised fascist propaganda, and makes money with his 24/7 jihad.

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