Saturday, June 30, 2012

good riddance

There will be no more plastic bags at Seattle's grocery stores, starting tomorrow, when the city-wide ban goes into effect. Numerous other communities around the Sound are following Seattle's lead. I believe Port Orchard, where I'm staying right now, is one of them.

You'll still be able to get a paper bag to haul your groceries home in, but it'll cost you a nickel. That, too, is a good thing. Though it's not much money, it will motivate people to finally carry that re-usable fabric bag to the store.

Remember, you'll need to put that cloth bag through the washer once in a while, now that it's no longer lingering in a kitchen drawer.

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Joe said...

I sure like the utility of those store bags, tho. I seem to reuse them for almost everything, and I guess a lot of people do. Anything so popular ends up getting loose in the environment, I guess.

I guess they banned fertilizer a long time ago in the NW because it gets into bodies of water and causes unnatural algae growth. It seems that a lot of useful things are harmful to the environment, especially humans living in it.

A bad thing about the reusable bags besides there being a lot of people who will find it hard to wash theirs, is that fruit tends to get bruised or crushed in them. The common store bags provide a protective barrier between items. I hope we will be able to keep using them where I live.