Friday, June 29, 2012

not that dumb

"It's amazing who shows up in the Rolodex," says Atrios, by way of linking to this story about the prevailing sentiment among small-business owners, as NPR heard it from good old Joe, down at Joe's Print Shop.

Joe, the humble, ink-stained workingman, gets around to a lot of places as it turns out. Fox Business News, NBC, where he appeared last evening after being heard on NPR the same morning, MSNBC, House and Senate committees, have all benefitted from hearing the testimony of this salt-of-the-earth tradesman, who just happens to be connected with the corporate-lobbying organization ALEC and Karl Rove's Crossroads political action committee (PAC).

How dumb do NPR (the "liberal" network) and NBC think we are? They think we're so dumb that if they don't tell us something, we'll never find it out.

This, gentle reader, is the essence of what they call "astroturf." Fake grass roots, abetted by a corporate media establishment arrogantly confident that they have a monopoly on information in the USA. Maybe in the old days, but not any more, suckahz!

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