Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the smart jockey

Anybody who reads this space once in a while knows I don't much like Barack Obama, the counterfeit progressive. Like the majority of his fellow Democrats, he's a gopher for the banksters, the "defense" contractors, and big corporations.

But I must say, as a political campaigner he's really taking the poor Mittens man to school.

First was the gay marriage stroke (so to speak). This involved no executive order or signing anything -- he just went on TV and said he was dropping his opposition to it. It was a very popular move (and preceded, I'm sure, by plenty of "market research"), and poor Mittens was left looking like a potted plant, handcuffed and sputtering that he was still against it. And here's another thing: Obama changed everything just with his mouth. There was no act of Congress and no court decision. That says something about how much power the prez has, if he knows how to use it.

Then comes the forgiveness for all the child illegales thing, and it was like an instant replay. BO makes his move, and Romney is left with the choice of going along with it (as with gay marriage, the public is overwhelmingly behind it) or simply saying "I don't like it." He looks like a boob, standing there with his hairspray on his head while Obama skates circles around him.

I have no interest in the outcome of this election, and not much interest in the "horse race" aspect of it. It's going to be close, but Obama will pull it out in the end. As the campaign unwinds he's making Romney look like someone with no imagination, no sense of strategy or tactics, a clueless hack, and one who knows only how to react, rather than act.

Which is exactly what he is.

This race is between a speed bump whose only plan is to keep things exactly as they are (only more so) and maintain the status quo, versus one whose program is basically the same, but appears to have a broad, creative plan to engineer a few high-profile, hot button changes in social relationships. If you were a bettor, who would you pick?

And Obama hasn't played his hole card yet -- medical marijuana. He's keeping so as to use it if necessary, down the home stretch.

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