Sunday, July 22, 2012

kolorado kool-aid

Dwayne Hoover (Breakfast of Champions) is not a fictional character. The name is fictional, but the character is real, both male and female, and legion.

You can't fight insanity with more insanity. The only antidote is sanity.

Thinking for very long about the latest mucker and his deadly midnight rampage is enough to drive anybody crazy, for no purpose. There's no way to bring back the dead.

It's time to take action, in the name of sanity. Today we'll cut back the dead rosebush, compost the corpse, clean up the corner where it lived, and plant something else there. We'll harvest the lettuce and rebuild the soil in that end of the garden.

In a few minutes I'll greet the rising sun with the uncompromising sanity of a well-timed yoga practice, countering the boiling insanity of the society in which I find myself with the quiet equanimity of Messrs. Patanjali and Krishnamacharya.

Another day in the madhouse called America. Another day during which I might be shot and killed by a lunatic, but more likely will simply sit and watch the world spin round one more time, and so grow in sadness.

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