Wednesday, August 01, 2012

droopy joe confronts journalism

Here he is in all his glory. Joe Lieberman comes drooping in on Fox News to be interviewed by one of the miniskirt Mussolinis whose name I don't know. First thing she does is feed him the word she wants ("treason") and Joe says "don't know why that hasn't happened."

Julian Assange, the object of this rabid attention, is not an American citizen, by the way, but why let legal details stand in the way when the trail is hot and the heretic will surely be delivered into our hands, just in time for the Joan of Arc memorial barbecue.

Wasn't this sad clown supposed to retire or something? I don't even have a TV, just so I can avoid having to listen to schmoes like D.J., but still he comes, infiltrating the YouTube.

Joe says Assange must be punished, lest others think they can do a Wikileaks-type operation, which would "hurt America," although I don't think he says what this hypothetical "hurt" is.

He goes on to settle for "espionage," for which he says Assange should be immediately indicted, so he can be extradited. Then after prompting by his foxist hostess, he suggests that the New York Times ought to be charged with something too, for printing the diplomatic cables and Iraq diaries.

Didn't we settle that question 40 years ago? Benito-ette maybe never heard of the Pentagon Papers?

It's really past time for Joe to leave. He has no understanding of democracy, which is all that Wikileaks is. I'm speaking of that global movement toward democracy which is sweeping everything else before it, and makes droopy old twits like Joe Leiberman babble and sputter in terror.

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