Thursday, August 02, 2012

hard on communism

From Bloomberg via Susie's place:

The Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency warned its employees and contractors last week to stop using their government computers to surf the Internet for pornographic sites, according to the agency’s executive director.

In a one-page memo, Executive Director John James Jr. wrote that in recent months government employees and contractors were detected “engaging in inappropriate use of the MDA network.”

“Specifically, there have been instances of employees and contractors accessing websites, or transmitting messages, containing pornographic or sexually explicit images,” James wrote in the July 27 memo obtained by Bloomberg News.

“These actions are not only unprofessional, they reflect time taken away from designated duties, are in clear violation of federal and DoD and regulations, consume network resources and can compromise the security of the network though the introduction of malware or malicious code,” he wrote.

I sleep better at night, knowing that no nuclear-tipped ICBM launched by those godless commies over there in red Russia will hit my apartment house, thanks to the vigilance of our Missile Defense Agency, their enormous missiles and deep silos.

Of course, things have been a little slow at this agency since the collapse of the Soviet Union over 20 years ago, and I can understand if the guys who work there need something to occupy their minds as they collect their paychecks, 100-percent financed by our taxes.

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