Wednesday, August 15, 2012

king felix rules

Felix Hernandez got his perfect game last night, against Tampa. It was the first perfect game ever by a Mariners' pitcher, and only the 23rd recorded occurrence of such an event in organized baseball's 150-year history.

There have been three perfect games this season alone. As performance-enhancing drugs have evaporated from baseball in the last few years, all the advantage has gone to pitchers and defense. Ferocious pitching rules the day, and Seattle's Felix Hernandez is the most ferocious of the lot.

The margin of victory was 1-0, of course, with the Mariners' single tally coming in the third, after Brendan Ryan got on base with a single, then with his manic base-running, made it to third, where he was easily singled in by Jesus.

Felix's triumph is for the ages, but Jesus saves.

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