Saturday, September 08, 2012

21-го века белые

Alexander Bosykh, an old-fashioned professional gunsul in the style of Mussolini's blackshirts or the pointy-headed terrorists of our American KKK, briefly headed up some sort of multinational youth commission (Newsweek [scroll down to story "Angry Young Man"] called it "Russia's Federal Agency for Youth Affairs"), but his embryonic career was cut short after Russian newspapers began widely circulating this photo of him punching a female demonstrator at an anti-Putin rally in Moscow.

For a time, confusion reigned regarding the issue of the young patriot's employment status. Even though the Moscow Times ran a brief item on June 19 saying the prime minster's spokeswoman "dispelled a rumor that Alexander Bosykh, a controversial nationalist best known for punching a woman in the face, would head a state commission for interethnic youth relations," Newsweek's scoop appeared on the streets about the same time, in the issue dated June 25.

There's no doubt about how this guy rolls -- he's told the world on his blog, where he once wrote that he would "drop-kick a begging gypsy -— for scamming people, selling drugs and stealing." This is the Tea Party Russian style -- think tea partiers 40 years younger, with brass knuckles and steel-toed kicker boots.

As for his suddenly-offered and even-more-suddenly withdrawn opportunity to be of service to his Czar and government, along with the unwanted publicity that went with it, Bosykh says only, "“All you have to do is tap some lesbian on the head and suddenly everyone knows everything about you.”

See also, "Social Media and the New Cold War" (Reuters).

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Joe said...

I've determined that a lot of such troublemakers go into hate-promoting pastimes because they haven't developed a worthwhile occupation. A lot of this type of stuff can be attributed to the amassing of people in cities after moving away from the old hunter-gather lifestyle involving small groups.