Friday, September 07, 2012

40 days & 40 nights

Cliff Mass, the University of Washington meteorology professor who writes a crackerjack of a local weather blog notes that the reaction of some of our webfooted residents to a protracted dry spell verges on hysteria.

"Seattle residents unaccustomed to a record-breaking stretch of sun and warmth are reacting with guilt, anxiety, and discomfort," Mass wrote yesterday, and adds, "I cannot count the number of emails I have received by folks asking when the clouds and rain will return. For some there is almost a tone of desperation."

Mass also points out that the dry weather has even prompted a response from the parallel universe of the local wingnut press (yeah, we've got them, too) -- a Seattle Times local "news" headline that reads "McKenna (the Republican candidate for governor) win would end drought." Presumably, the story which follows describes in detail the process of how that would work, and presumably the election of the Democrat, Jay Inslee, would plunge us into a drought that would make the Puget Sound basin look like the bottom of a used Shake 'n' Bake™ bag.

Whatever. All I know for sure is 1) Today makes 47 consecutive days without rain in the region, and that's a record; 2) It's been really beautiful, and 3) I'm not worried.

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Joe said...

That explains the sun being out!