Tuesday, October 30, 2012

broke down engine

I just read at the upyernoz (with a rubber hose) blog (upyernoz.blogspot.com) the proprietor's opinion that if Obama loses the popular vote but wins the election, it'll be our best chance evah to get rid of that creaking pile of antiquated and outmoded machinery known as the Electoral College.

It's just like anything else in US politics: when Republicans have the majority in the Senate, filibusters are a bad, bad thing; when the Dems are in power, not so much.

If the Democrat wins this election with less than a majority, the Repubs will be visited with a sudden revelation in which God or Bog sends down the Angel Gabriel to blow his trumpet in their ears and announce that the Electoral College is a great evil. The bill to amend the Constitution will have bipartisan support, which would make this a rare opportunity.

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