Wednesday, October 31, 2012

obamao mao

So that thing called the Tea Party, which devoured the Republican Party, is now fading, and will some time soon be eclipsed.

Atrios says they never really had anything to be pissed about. Big bad Obama never did send the storm troopers into their living rooms to confiscate their guns, nor did he raise their taxes. He did not supply free, endless amounts of wine, marijuana, and fried chicken to America's ghetto dwellers, as Teanderthals feared he would (although I've been hearing some kind of b.s. about Obamaphones).

"He did continue to be black, so there's that I guess," Atrios observes.

Some of them pretended anger at the Wall Street bailouts, but that's who was indirectly bankrolling their movement and events. What they've settled for, at this point, is being really pissed about the GM and Chrysler bailouts, but the problem with that is those were successful.

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