Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Is it true that last night's debate questions all came from undecided voters? I neither watched nor listened to the big crangleschnazzle, but I have to wonder, how could anyone be undecided at this stage of the game?

Part of the reason I feel that way is because there are only three, very clear choices.

A) The Republican, a plutocrat inclined toward more wars and more tax breaks for the top .01%.

B) The Democrat, who spent the last four years proving that in the last election he mis-reprsesented himself. Completely.

C) Neither one/somebody else.

I'm going with C), which is the main reason I don't watch or listen to this stuff.

Even my friend Atrios says the questions weren't too bad, though. That's surprising, considering they came from people who are undies in October.

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