Tuesday, October 16, 2012

flora and fauna of the grate nw

Be sure to check out Miss Moneypenny's blog (right sidebar) posted under today's date for a really upbeat piece about some of our local color and wildlife.

I know I've already introduced you to Catboxette's homewrecker-red and over-the-top begonia, but I have a strong premonition that the Next Big Thing around here is going to be a purple flower called clematis.

MM's animal of the day is Pseudacris Regilla, the northern Pacific tree frog, sometimes known as the northern Pacific chorus frog, due to their love of loud chirping in large groups. However, the tiny guy living in MM's lemon balm bush, under the birdbath, is a loner. I heard him out there singing alone all summer, trying to attract a lady to his lemon balm bush, to lay eggs in the birdbath, but no such luck. Being lonely, he decided to bond with MM, to the point where on warm days he sat on the rim of the birdbath while she was sitting close by, sunning on the deck, looking at her with his big, dark, frog eyes.

I've heard of animals becoming attached to humans and all, but this amphibian is involved. I'm not quite down with this. What if she were to kiss him? Would he turn into Eddie Vedder, or something?

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