Wednesday, November 07, 2012

dept of anti-climax

The new marijuana law takes effect in 30 days. How radish.

I voted against it, because the state is planning to levy a 25% tax on all transactions.

That's excessive in the extreme. Ten bucks an ounce at the wholesale point would be reasonable.

GC asked if these laws are going to set up a conflict between feds and states. Looks to me more like it's gonna be a conflict between growers and retailers and consumers vs. state revenuers, and possibly our dear old friends of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Kind of reminds me of that old hillbilly tune

G-men, T-men, revenuers too,

All lookin for the place where he cooked his brew.

They were lookin tryin to book him

But my daddy kep a-cookin

(bam bam who shot Sam) White Lightnin.

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