Friday, November 09, 2012

relentless evolution

The Republican Party is culturally stuck in the 20th century.

Like Dorothy realizing she's not in Kansas any more, some Republicans appeared to wake up Wednesday morning shocked by their sudden apprehension that it's no longer 1964.

Gone is the white majority, tucked away in its gleaming, all-white suburbs. All the familiar and comforting certainties of years past have vanished. Beaver Cleaver is an old fart, and even our dear familiar old enemy, those godless atheistic commies over there in red Russia, have gone the way of the brontosaurus (although wingers occasionally dig up the corpse, hoping to re-animate it).

Gone are "negroes," Jose Jimenez, and Librace, replaced by non-stereotypical human beings who are in the faces of establishment politicians, loudly demanding that they be recognized as human beings.

The old Republican men and women are on the defensive. Their eight-cylinder vehicles, red meat, and drugs of choice are under attack. Only some of them are beginning to realize they're an endangered species.

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